ArcXcel© is an innovative product which provides a way to archive older transactions and accelerate the performance of your Agilisys© ERP system. Features include:

·        Specify source and destination databases

·        Perform data consistency checks w/ correction capabilities

·        Complete logging of all archive activities

·        Ability to restore archive data back into the source database

·        Timer activation for scheduling execution during non-peak hours

         Save & restore your archive settings to file

Other products include:

Adage Interfaces & Enhancements 

Southern Technologies can assist your company in getting the most benefit from Adage by identifying areas where productivity can be improved with custom programming.  We also focus on providing clients with Internet access via integrated web solutions which streamline business processes and enhance customer service.  The interfaces are integrated with the data model so the benefits of the ERP are maintained.  

Outlined below are examples of the numerous interfaces currently deployed by Southern Technologies.

Web Order Entry

  • Custom Adage Order entry is made available via a web interface
  • "Anonymous Buy" system developed to allow first time customers to purchase product without requiring prior customer set up in Adage
  • Integrated email order confirmation and shipment notification
  • Visit one of our client sites:
 Expedited Order Entry
  • Significantly reduces order entry time
  • Custom stored procedure pricing engine for real-time pricing
  • Define columns to display - in which order - including a tab stop toggle 
  • One-Click Allocations
  • View a screen sample
 Quick Ship Interface
  • Allows shipping personnel to pick confirm, ship, and invoice in 3-5 secs.
  • Integrated document and barcode printing
  • Color coded shipment status lines w/ partial shipment warnings
  • View a screen sample
 A/R Interface
  • Performs all cash receipt and account lookup functions
  • Built-in A/R reporting and document printing
  • Added features to cash receipt include:
    • Pay by document no.
    • Apply credits at the header level
    • Credits do not have to be linked to a specific document
    • Split pay - a single check can be applied across multiple bill to accounts
    • Document drill-down throughout the application
    • Negative write-off
    • Integrated credit / debit creation
  • Integrated Deposit Creation
  • Built-in export to Excel
  • Three levels of proofing - Deposit, Check, and Document levels
  • View cash receipt screen sample
  • View document lookup screen sample
  • View Bill To lookup screen sample
 Credit Card Processing
  • Accept credit cards for phone, fax, or web orders
  • Electronic capture of credit card payment
  • Automatic A/R receipt processing
  • Error logging
 Customer Setup / Maintenance Utility
  • 24 Adage Customer-Bill To-Ship To Screens combined into one
  • Reduces new customer setup time by 500% and more
  • Eliminates setup omissions that often lead to OTC issues at startup
  • View screen sample
 Production Reporting
  • Report production real-time through a simplified shop order reporting interface
  • Auto-printing of bar-coded pallet labels
  • Back-flushing of raw materials
  • Built-in warehouse transfer / receiving capabilities to move finished goods from production warehouse to distribution warehouse
  • View screen sample
 Production Scheduling
  • Build Demands table in minutes
  • Computes recommended order quantity based on sales demand and forecasts
  • Automates the creation of shop orders
  • Drill-down to all supporting information, such as PO's, SO's, Forecast, etc.
  • View demand screen sample 
  • System allows viewing of all BOM levels w/ stock availability on one screen

Adage Reporting

  • Crystal or IQ Objects
  • Web Publishing for Crystal Reports
  • Hundreds of existing reports